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Jun 7, 2020



Villas in Dubai are a great alternative if you want all the benefits of living in the UAE, but prefer a more sedate, relaxed way of life. Villas are usually located on developments away from the main Downtown area, where you have more parks and community facilities. This makes them ideal for young families who want a little more space, and a friendly, relaxed environment for the children to grow up in.

Dubai villas come in a wide range of sizes, from small 2-bedroomed villas to larger 5-6 bedroomed villas with plenty of room for a growing family. There’s the added advantage of lots of community facilities, from swimming pools and children’s play areas (things you’re less likely to find in Downtown Dubai apartments), to golf courses and access to private beaches.

Another big advantage of villa complexes in Dubai is that many of them are gated or secure communities, so you can be absolutely sure you’re safe. However, you do have much more freedom than living in an apartment block, and you can come and go as you please.

Because you own your own home, you can do what you like with it (subject to planning regulations). If you want to add a conservatory to it, you can. You’ll also have those two family essentials – off-road parking (usually a garage attached to the house), and a garden for the kids to play in. With more space to grow, a villa in Dubai is usually a home for life.

How to buy villas in Dubai

The most common way to buy villas in Dubai is to buy off-plan or a new-build in one of the many complexes being created. Emaar Properties are involved in some of the largest villa complexes in the UAE, and these are expanding all the time to add new neighbourhoods, amazing facilities, and community areas that create comfortable, friendly and secure homes for young families.

You can buy a villa in Dubai whether you’re a resident already, or live abroad at the moment and are planning to relocate to the Emirate. What you will need is a real estate agent who knows the legalities of buying a property in Dubai, and can take you through the process. Expect to pay around 2% in commission for their services.

Other fees include between AED 500-5,000 for No Objection Certificates (payable to the Dubai Land Department), transfer fees of around 4% of the asking price, and mortgage registration fees at approximately 0.25% of the registered loan amount, again paid to the Dubai Land Department.

If you’re buying a villa then remember that the purchase price is not all you’ll pay, and you’ll need to factor in these extra charges, as well as logistical costs such as hiring moving services or self-drive vans.

What kind of villas are on offer?

Thanks to the relaxation of property ownership laws in Dubai, there has been a huge boom in villa developments in the past few years. Now, you can choose from 2-bedroom villas that are a perfect ‘first step on the property ladder’ for young professional couples, through to large 5 or even 6-bedroom villas surrounded by beautiful gardens and with all the modern conveniences you could wish for.

It all depends on how much you can afford. The more money you have to invest in your villa, the greater the luxury, all the way up to private swimming pools and a view across one of the region’s championship golf courses.

There’s a range of styles to choose from, ranging from a traditional ‘Spanish hacienda’ or the simple beauty of original Middle Eastern designs to ultra-modern villas with open-plan living spaces. The Dubai weather plays a big part in designing villas, so you’ll find them to be light and airy, allowing a cooling breeze to bring down the temperature of the home simply by opening some of the windows. Air conditioning comes as standard too, so you can make sure your home stays cool even in the height of summer.

Villas are usually unfurnished, so you can make your own design choices when it comes to furnishings and decoration.

Where are the most popular locations to buy villas in Dubai? 

Across Dubai, villa complexes are being created to cater to the increasing demands of a growing population. Yes, you may have to factor in a daily commute to your office in Downtown Dubai, but with wide, well-maintained roads and a growing public transport infrastructure, as well as the location of most villa complexes close to the city, that shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Top of the list of favourite locations is the incredible Arabian Ranches and Palm Jumeirah, as well as The Springs, and Jumeirah Park. Newer developments like Ranches II offer a wonderful selection of smaller villas that are perfect for young couples new to the property ladder.

All of these locations offer freehold villas, and both Dubai residents and foreign nationals can buy property in these locations. Bear in mind that some locations such as Al Barsha are only open to UAE nationals.

To find out more about the huge range of villas on offer in Dubai, browse the Emaar Properties collection and find your perfect home right here in Dubai.

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